Morning Drive

Hometown: Detroit

Guilty TV/music pleasure: I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. My music guilty pleasure is love songs & slow jams.  If it’s slow and is all wrapped up in the feels, I’m listening

Fav spot in San Angelo is: Riverfront is incredibly beautiful.  The Water Lily garden is great to go chill at, too.

When not on the radio, you’ll probably find me:  At the gym or my couch.  I keep busy, but getting to the gym and sweating every day is my happy place.

Dream Vacation:  I want to take 3-4 weeks and just jump all over Asia. Japan to Vietnam to Thailand and everywhere in between.

The thing very few people know about me is:  I once took 10 grand out of Eminem’s wallet.  Back in the day, we did a radiothon to raise funds for first responders after 9/11.  Em called in.  I interviewed him and then told him he needs to represent and drop some money in the bucket.  He did.  Also, I don’t show off often. But, I can whip up some pretty tasty stuff in the kitchen.

What I love about the Concho Valley is: I was worried when I left the central Gulf Coast to come to San Angelo, that I wouldn’t feel that same sense of family and community that made me fall in love with that area.  I was wrong.  The Concho Valley is amazing when it comes to rallying together as community and family. 

My celeb crush: Selena Gomez, Zara Larsson, Gal Gadot(Wonder Woman), Senora Scott

If you cook this, you win my heart: Cheesecake



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