KIXY Beat The Buzzer



Each weekday morning at 7:10, Scotty will tell you what hours that day you'll have a chance to "Beat the Buzzer"!

When you hear your cue, be caller 10 at 949-9470 and take on the Timekeeper!

When the time keeper starts his clock, he'll also announce amounts of money.  After the Timekeeper says a dollar amount, you say either "stop" or "go".  If you say go, the Timekeeper will keep announcing dollar amounts until you either say "stop" or his buzzer goes off.  If you say "stop" before the buzzer goes off, you win the last announced amount of money!  But, if the buzzer goes off before you say stop, then the Timekeeper keeps his money.  

But, be careful!!  The Timekeeper is cranky because you're taking his money!  So, he might give you a lot of time, or he might only give you a few seconds!  We just don't know!

And as if the Timekeeper doesn't already have enough reason to be bitter, everyone who plays is automatically in the grand prize drawing to win all of the Timekeeper's stuff!  A grand prize package worth thousands!

We're cleaning out the Timekeeper's clock, and giving it to you!  Good luck!